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Friday, February 16, 2007

finally getting with myspace.

Long time no blog. Preoccupied with newness. New job. Moving to the states.

Breakfast with sister Mar at Baker & Spice in South Ken. 45 minutes on a bike from Highgate. Learned track stand with dominant foot. Still working the goofy foot.

Talked family gossip. Then, unexpectedly, the topic veered towards birth control. Apparently the morning after pill's available in Russia over the counter for 90 rubles. That's $1.5 per pill. Many use it as a contraceptive. Not sure how repeated (in some cases constant) use affects the body, but it's pretty scary to think about it.

This is a topic for an investigative report. Really... someone at the new yorker should write a piece about this. Promiscuity a cultural way of life, AIDS skyrocketing & teenage girls using ru-46 for contraception